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Friday, September 10, 2010


Hand Reflexology Chart

What is Reflexology?

Based on numerous studies, it has been determined that the definition of reflexology is that reflexology is a science that deals with the principal that there are reflex areas in the hands and feet which correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body. By stimulating these reflexes properly, you can help many health problems in a natural, non invasive way! Reflexology possesses a unique method of using the thumbs and fingers on these reflex areas. It is a total holistic modality and approach to overall health. Reflexology is for everyone!

Reflexology helps maintain the body’s homeostasis, an inner balance that is essential for the body to function properly and effectively. When your stress levels are above what they should be, your homeostasis is thrown off causing you to not sleep, to over eat, to gain or lose excessive weight. Overtime, these factors lead to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, auto immune disorders and many other problems and disorders of the body that are common today.

The Widespread Use of Reflexology

In just one reflexology session, you can feel the stress of your life melt away! This is just one of the many benefits that reflexology has to offer. Reflexology is a holistic energy-based modality that can help the body regain its natural state of homeostasis. The use of Reflexology for personal health care and relief of tension has increased in popularity in the last several decades. From athletes speeding the recovery process after injury, to Singers, Actors and famous Movies stars better remembering their lines, all while maintaining their health and beauty. World leaders also use reflexology in their daily health regimen to help them cope with the stress of running countries and governments. From the corporate world of Who’s Who to Princess and Kings of many countries, reflexology is helping keep the world turning.

Reflexology has come to be a household word for not only people in power but, your average everyday person. Countless renowned doctors across the globe are recommending reflexology to be used as alternative modality in helping rid patients of incurable symptoms from certain diseases. Reflexology has become the alternative adjunct to medical treatments across the U.S. and worldwide. From newborns to the elderly, men and women, no matter what part of the world you come from, the benefits of reflexology are universal, always positive and beneficial to the overall health of your body. It is used worldwide as a preventative measure that uses no drugs or surgery. Helping maintain oneself in optimum health is the fundamental basis for the widely accepted implementation of reflexology.

To define and differentiate this developed science. The word reflexology has become the widely known modality that is accepted worldwide for its amazing results. The word reflexology was coined through the combination of the word reflex, which are points of throughout the body which activate muscles, nerves and all organs. The suffix (ology) is the study, investigation or objective observation of any scientific modality related to a specific subject.

Reflexology Points

Dealing with the body from a reflexologist’s point of view is really quite simple. You work the zones of the foot by dividing it into the four guidelines. Then, using your thumb and fingers, work the specific reflexes of the body mapped out on the foot.

In addition to the anatomical location mapped out of the reflexes, there are five specific reflex points which are of extreme importance in reference to the body its glands and organs.

These pin point reflexes are:

* Pituitary Reflex
* Ovary/Testes Reflex
* Uterus/Prostate Reflex
* Ileocecal Valve Reflex
* Sigmoid Flexure Reflex

Reflexology emphasizes equally these specific reflexes that correspond to these areas of the body. The anatomical functions of the human body that these pin points reflex are vitally important.

The dysfunction of any of these specific glands or organs mentioned can have an adverse effect on the human body’s overall health.

A Reflexologist always works on these specific pin point reflexes as one of the most important parts of a Reflexology session.

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