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Monday, September 6, 2010

Balneotherapy Full

Balneotherapy is the term given to the practice of healing using bath preparations. On the old continent it is well known that Balneotherapy was highly favored by the Romans, the Greeks and the Egyptians.

The natural minerals and medicinal properties in the Healing Botanical formula are absorbed via the skin. This composition, along with heat, promotes circulation, enhances the immune system, offers total muscle relaxation, pain and stress relief, reduces inflammation, improves range of motion, and detoxifies.

The process may include warm or cold water, and massage therapy is often used in conjunction with Balneotherapy. Mineral water is often used in spas for its theraputic properties and contains rich minerals such as silica, sulfur, radium and selenium which absorbed through the skin.

The word "Balneotherapy" is now applied to anything associated with spa treatment, including water therapy, spa baths, natural vapor baths and also some types of mud hot treatments. The main substances in mineral water are sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron which mix with acids to create chlorides, sulfates, carbonates and sulfides. Other elements include lithium, potassium, iodine, manganese and bromine.

The pine needle bath is very popular; it is done with adding the needles of pines and firs to hot water. The essential oils are absorbed by the skin and increase circulation. Physicians agree that thermal baths have many therapeutic properties.

There are several ways Balneotherapy works.

Bathing in hot springs progressively increases the body temperature, helping us to fight off bacteria and viruses. Hot spring bathing boosts hydrostatic pressure within the body, therefore heightening blood circulation and body cell oxygenation. The enhanced blood flow helps to eliminate toxins by increasing the flow of oxygen to the blood and so it can carry nutrients to vital tissues and organs. Bathing in hot springs increases the body's metabolism, and aids digestion.

Frequent bathing aids in normalizing the task of endocrine glands and the function of independent nervous system. When used topically, hot mineral water has been known to treat skin conditions such as with psoriasis, fungal infection and dermatitis. It is also used to heal wounds and other skin injuries.

Health conditions that can be treated with balneotherapy:

* Neuroparalysis
* Gout
* Chronic skin diseases
* Chronic gynecological diseases
* Chronic mild respiratory diseases
* Chronic rheumatoid arthritis
* Chronic gastrointestinal diseases
* Vibration disorder
* Psychosomatic disorders
* Stress-related disorders
* Metabolic diseases like obesity, gout and diabetes
* Functional recovery or central and peripheral
* Hypertension
* Sequelae of trauma
* Autonomic nervous system dysfunction
* Circulatory diseases like mild or moderate hypertension

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